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Doral 2014 & Beyond – Exciting Times for Doral

Thirteen years ago a group of Doral residents had a vision to make Doral, “The Premier Place to Live, Work, Play and Learn.”  It was a great privilege and honor to have had the opportunity to be a part of this group, then co-founder of the City of Doral as well as serve on the Council for 10 years.  With this vision and the united effort of many, this vision became a reality and we created an amazing City but the best is yet to come.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

Abraham Lincoln

Although below I would like to share part of my vision based on knowledge of our City and government, I am very clear that as elected official we represent the people.  Everyone resident and business owner in Doral has a say in formulating that vision so I want hear from you.  Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at my personal cell 305-962-0804.

Pete Cabrera
Dedicated, Responsible & Efficient

About Traffic

Capitalize on more than 10 years of relationships with the County Mayor and County Commission as well as State Officials to address traffic solutions on County & State roads in Doral, which consist of all the main Streets and Avenues such as 87th, 97th & 107th Avenues and 12th, 25th, 41st, 58th & 74th Streets.  

At the County/State level, focus on such projects as:
Completion of 97th Avenue connection to 74th Street.
Finish expanding 97th Avenue to 4 lanes from 52nd Street to 74th Street.
Explore possibility of vehicular bridge & pedestrian/bike path over 41st Street at 117th Avenue.
Explore the possibility of expanding to 6 lanes, sections of 107th Avenue between NW 74th Street and 25th Street.
Turnpike Exit on 25th Street to reduce truck traffic off 41st exiting Turnpike.
Connect of 25th Street Viaduct from 84th Avenue to the Turnpike.
At the local City level, focus on such projects as
Acquire land and connect 109th Avenue southbound to 41st Street.
Acquire land and build 4-lane road on 112th Avenue between NW 41st Street & 34th Street.
Consider possibility of expansion of 112th Avenue between NW 58st & 41st Street.
Complete 102th Avenue between 58th Street and 74th Street.
Completion of Bike way.

Many are not aware that in 2006 a Bike way Master Plan was created connecting most of the City via bike paths not just for both recreational use but also providing an alternative form of transportation.  Visit maps gallery on the City website to view which parts have been completed and what is still pending.  Click here to view City of Doral Map Gallery.

More Parks & Recreation facilities for our Children and Families:
Completion of three remaining parks, including working with County to help fund the construction of the 87th Avenue park.

A Community Pool and Aquatic Center
A Community Recreational Center.
A Skate Park.
Completion of City-wide Bike-way
Adult Sports Programs.
Cultural Arts Program
A Comprehensive Cultural Arts Program including:
Art in Public Places
Promote Gallery Night
Expand on Cultural Performances hosted by City

Work closely with the Trump Doral Resort with year-around cultural programs centered on the PGA World Championship, the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants that are expected to be hosted in Miami-Dade County & Doral in near future.

A Feasibility Study for Cultural Arts Center and Theater.

Police / Security

Increase Police visibility especially around schools at dismissal times.
Consider possibility of increasing Bike Patrol.
Drug Task Force to deal with possible drug issues in our schools, parks and communities.
Improve Police emergency and non-emergency response time.
Remove Red Light Camera from all intersections in which they are not dramatically reducing accidents.
Economic Development that is consistent with Doral’s quality of life.
Doral is at the center of the logistics and cargo industry in South Florida and thus will be at the epicenter of the South Florida’s economic growth in the next decade.
We must work closely with the Port of Miami to capitalize on the projected dramatic growth in cargo in South Florida that will create employment and business opportunities for Doral.
Ensure an efficient and customer friendly Building Department that will facilitate business development as well as employment opportunities.
Expand the City’s ties with the foreign Consulates in South Florida focusing on improving trade relations.
Renaming the Park across from City Hall to Park of the Americas and place flags of all the Central and South American Countries.
Periodically make City Hall available for Foreign Trade Missions & Conferences.  
See Economic Development Communication ideas below.


Dramatically improve the quality of content, programing and image quality of Doral TV viewed on Comcast and streams live on Web.
Create useful informative programing for all; residents, business and visitors.
Develop an Economic Development dimension to Channel in which we can promote Doral businesses or create a separate online channel for this due to restrictions on Comcast.
This Economic Development Channel should be streamed in all area hotels to inform all visitors, both business and recreational of the potentials that exist in Doral.
A Fiscally Responsible and Efficient Government

Many of the items mentioned above require funds so how do you pay for them.  Doral has been blessed with strong financial resources that are continually growing but that does not mean we do not need to be fiscally responsible.  Fiscally responsibility it is about reducing unnecessary expenses and focus spending on priorities.  One way to accomplish to ensure there is a clear vision for the City and what the priorities are on so the that the City is not just spending money every time an good idea arises even if the not part of the City’s vision and priorities.

Prioritizes projects that contribute to our City’s quality of life.
Ensure a fiscally responsible Government.  Significantly reduce expenditures to fund missing infrastructure needs without increasing taxes.
Piggybacking on other government contracts only in case of emergency or after an open RFP process.
Re-evaluate the Public Works Pr-Approved Vendor program.
Consider policies that provide checks and balances as well as transparency in Administration and staff decisions.
Policies that provide greater accountability and specific consequences for violations of policies and procedures.
Tighter controls on shifting allocation of funds among line items.
Require all expenses to have a specific budgeted item.

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